Author, Lecturer, Certified Life Coach
USC Trained

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What is a life coach?

Someone who gets you to where it is you want to go; faster & easier.

Dr. Melody A. Wiggins
Life Coach

What does it take to be a good life coach?

The Three E's Experience, Education and Empathy!

Individuals with a backgrounds in sociology business or psychology, that are dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and ultimately living a better quality of life make the best coaches. Dr. Melody has earned degrees in both business and psychology working successfully in the field of coaching for over 10 years. Her clients include the who's who in business, education and medicine. She has been referred to as the "coaches coach."

Melody uses her extensive training in life coaching, doctorate level education in psychology and  counseling to develop and implement a customized plan that allows the client to meet and maintain long term goals.

"Through the years of life coaching, I have come to understand that people use coaching for several different needs. These can range anything from encouragement, insight as to their challenges in life and maybe in some cases just a listening ear that will provide them an opportunity to process delimas and ultimately come to a decision on their own after the completion of our session. Whatever the reasons may be, I have been a life coach for over 20 years and enjoy providing assistance as a professional coach more and more with each passing day. I receive e-mails from clients stating they have grown in many ways through the use of my spiritually based practice. I am both proud and humbled in knowing my practice currently assists clients throughout several parts of the world including the US, Canada and Saudi Arabia!"

Give me a call and I will help in setting you on a positive path in areas of relationship, business, time management and also be that listening ear that we all need at some point in our lives.

See What Melody's Clients Are Saying About Her

"Sometimes in our lives, we experience the unexpected and despite our best intentions to understand why, the answers are hard to find. Melody Wiggins provides insightful, intuitive and accurate guidance that can help anyone overcome life’s little surprises. In my case, a devastating breakup of a long term relationship, left me questioning everything in my life.

Melody has helped me tremendously by not only providing spiritual guidance, but good common sense advice that has helped me weather this storm. I would recommend her highly to anyone going though difficult times or even just getting a better handle on their life goals. She has always been available whenever needed."

Raul Leal,  President Tecton Hospitality


Dr. Melody A. Wiggins
Life Coach

Degrees in Business Management & Psychology
Trained at Top Private American Universities

University of Southern California

University of Redlands

Redding University